These are just my thoughts.

One Foot In Front

So I haven’t wrote on here in a while. It’s partly because I have been swamped with personal life events. But mainly, I just haven’t felt productive enough to turn around and “preach” to anyone. I had a couple conversations with a person very close to me about faith. He told me that I needed to take a step back and make it a point to only work within the confines of my purpose and passion. I won’t give the contents of the conversation but the point that stuck with me was, “people ask God to bless their path, instead of asking him to place them on the path he has for them. You don’t think that HIS path for you is already blessed?”


I almost lost my mind. It felt like if you had planned a 10 hour road trip, left the house on time, and skipped every restroom break to get there in a timely manner… just to realize you were driving the opposite direction. This conversation came on the cusp of my busiest week thus far and I was honestly one sleepless night away from collapsing, and he changed everything. I should probably mention before getting into the next part, the person I’m speaking of is a Chicago based preacher, Father Pfleger.

So, after this conversation I had reflected back on one of his sermons where he spoke on faith. Paraphrasing, he said the whole point of faith is to walk ahead of yourself, with your faith being in front. Simply put, the way we learn to walk is put one foot in front, then let the other one follow. The way you learn to be faithful is, let your faith walk ahead of you, and you walk directly behind it in full belief that it’s taking you in the right direction. The coupling of these two moments allowed me to experience a great revelation, I had been hustling backwards.

I really only came here to share those two experiences with you all, and to make a Hail Mary effort to speak to anyone in a similar predicament, who feels like they are overworking themselves for little to no reward.. take a step back, re-align, and work only within your purpose. It is a trial within itself and will absolutely get scary. But find ways to make your purpose, and God sufficient. That is a life of peace, solace, and continued self-growth. That is the “luxury” that everyone is searching for so bad.

Thanks for listening and continue to keep one foot in front.