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Kayo is a Chicago based rapper and singer who's shown glimpses of superstardom since releasing his first single 'Memories' last year. After going viral multiple times from freestyles that he uploaded out of his home studio (more like his grandma's basement), he garnered the attention of the underground rap scene, so much so that he sold out a venue for the listening party of his album that had yet to be released. But Kayo has dreams far beyond being underground. With his highly anticipated album, It Was Fun While It Lasted, featuring the likes of Paris Price, Senite, femdot., Ausar, Stoic, Pilotkid, and many others, Kayo is looking to be one of the rising stars of this era. And from his hard hitting lyricism, infectious vocal arrangements, and R&B-esque melodies, as heard in Make It Real, he is proving to be just that.